My ex-roommate story

First semester at college. I was going to the same school as a couple of my friends, so I requested one friend, we’ll call her L, to be my roommate. We’d been friends for around a year and a half before this point, with similar living habits and belief systems, and an understanding of each other’s mental needs (her with her bipolar, and me with my major depressive disorder and anxiety). For the first few months everything was wonderful and it felt like a big sleepover.

And then the boyfriend happened.

They’d already been dating for a while before this point, but he finally decided he was going to visit a lot more than his usual. I had and still have nothing against the guy, as I’d actually been friends longer with him than I had been with her.

However, the minute her Mr. Man got involved, she turned into a self-absorbed, unreasonable nightmare. 

The worst thing that happened between us was on her birthday. He came over with the intention of giving her a present in the sack, which I couldn’t really care less about. However, she texted me a warning message that they’d be in the room in ten minutes and I wouldn’t be allowed back in.

I was across campus at the library, where I was getting books so I could then work on an essay due the next week. My laptop and all the other articles and supplies I needed were in the room. I texted her back as soon as I saw her text, telling her to please wait to get funky until I could get my things out. I never got texted back, so I just headed back to the room and hoped she saw it.

The door was locked, and as I was fumbling with my phone to check if she had texted and I just didn’t see it, I dropped the phone, and it clattered against the door. Cue an unmitigated rage from L, who was certain I was knocking to interrupt them on purpose. She shrieked at me for the entire rest of the hall to hear, about how much she hated me and how bad a roommate I was and how I ruined her entire birthday. 

Later, we had an argument about it where she triggered me by digging up personal reactions that she was more than aware of, because I refused to concede any guilt on my part for what happened. So essentially she was trying to blame me for everything that happened, and then when I refused to and told her she was being a poor roommate and not thinking about my needs too, she purposefully gave me a panic attack.

Shortly after, she moved into a single room, claiming it was because of her bipolar, but since then she’s been nothing but a petty snot to me, and we’re no longer friends.

tl;dr: Moral of the story, kids, don’t request to be roommates with a friend, especially a friend with diagnosed mental problems. It’s not pretty, and it ruins friendships.



And he didn’t even have the courtesy to clean the scissors. My nice Cutco scissors that I earned from 3 months of working that shitty job.

And he didn’t even have the courtesy to clean the scissors. My nice Cutco scissors that I earned from 3 months of working that shitty job.

My first roommate

The first roommate I ever had included her father. I had graduated high school a few months before and only had a job for about 3 months. I was naive. So very naive. My friends had found an apartment that their friend need roommates to move in. Long story short, I had a fight with my mother about it and had no other options, so the move in got sped up by a few months. We were scrambling. The girl we had moved in with, her father was living with her until he moved to Nevada. He put himself in charge of getting bills paid and handling our money. We ended up losing about a grand in 2 months because he was trying to get his debts paid off with our money and wasn’t paying rent like he said he was. Or utilities. Or water. After that, we kicked him out. His daughter however, was almost worse than him. She was creepy and dirty and just plain just disgusting. She’d take an hour long shower and still come out smelly and greasy. Every time she tried to “help” (so that she could rub it in our faces that she did something when we hadn’t. We all had jobs and she didn’t, by the by.) she’d fuck it up. She tried making coffee for us. That resulted in weak piss water because she only put in 2 scoops of coffee for a whole pot of water. She tried to clean the kitchen and ended up with gross water all over the floor and counters and her having put away dirty dishes and running the dishwasher with 3 things in it. We had to wash all the dishes all over again. She was also just incredibly creepy. She would either hide in her room for literally days on end, never leaving, or she would come into the room we were in and just sit and stare silently for hours. Not even stare at us. Just the floor or the wall. When my boyfriend met her for the first time, before we were dating, she came and sat on the floor next to the chair his was in and stared at the floor. My roommates came home one day and found her sitting in front of their bedroom door, staring. When they asked her why she was there, she said “I can’t find my underwear.” And just kept sitting there, staring. They had to jump over her to get in their room.

I did have another bad roommate after her, but she was just fucking crazy and easily dealt with. This girl…There was just no way to figure her out…I think at one point she mentioned needing glasses and that was why she had to get her face so close to everything. My mother suggested that her mother had done drugs while pregnant. Oh, and she practiced the religion of having sex to get closer to God. No joke.

so, you want my worst roommate story? ok, here we go. One of my roommates keeps using my pots and pans after I keep asking her not to, because they’re pretty expensive. One day after she used a pan, I noticed that it was all scratched up, and when I asked her about it, she denied even using, though I *saw* her using it only an hour before. it’s going to cost me $100 to replace. to make things even better, she decided to get cable even though I told her I didn’t want it and couldn’t afford it. she continues to harass me for money for the bill, and when I finally outright told her no, she got really pissed off, called me a bum-ass bitch, and told me not to talk to her or her friends again. I said fine, as long as she doesn’t use my stuff anymore. She still uses my stuff.


Anonymous asked: I used to have a roommate who was very condescending. One morning I made bacon and toast, and proceeded to eat it in the kitchen. He walked in and asked if I was going to have vegetables with it. When I replied that we were out, he said "you're going to die so early from not having vegetables, my god." Then he proceeded to borrow some cash from another roommates wallet without asking, and went to grab himself McDonalds for the third time that week.

[Image Description: Background is several triangles alternating in teal, lavender, and gray. A brown hare is crouching in the middle, looking to the right like he’s about to bolt. Top Text: “INSERT TOP TEXT HERE.”Bottom Text: “INSERT BOTTOM TEXT HERE.”]

[Image Description: Background is several triangles alternating in teal, lavender, and gray. A brown hare is crouching in the middle, looking to the right like he’s about to bolt.